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China Academy of Building Research - Introduction

Founded in 1953, China Academy of Building Research(CABR)was originally affiliated with the Ministry of Construction and was transformed from a scientific research public institution to a scientific and technological enterprise on October 1, 2000. CABR is now affiliated with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), which is the largest and most diverse R&D institution in the national construction industry.

As a national-level construction institution, China Academy of Building Research has always been taking promoting the construction of China's scientific and technological progress in construction as its mission; with the construction engineering as the main research object, and the application research and development research as the main research content, CABR is committed to solving key technology problems in China’s engineering construction, and is responsible to prepare and manage China's major engineering construction technology and product standards, to carry out the common, basic and public welfare technology research required for the industry, to make quality supervisions & inspections and tests of national building works, air conditioning equipment, solar water heaters, elevators and chemical building materials, and strive to contribute to the development of the construction industry.

The research work of CABR covers 70 research areas such as building structure, anti-seismic construction, ground foundation, building environment and energy saving, construction software, construction mechanization, construction technology, building materials, and building fire prevention. In recent years, CABR has strengthened the R&D of complete sets of green building technology, new energy application technology, disaster prevention and mitigation technology, and smart integration technology. CABR has the two R&D bases in Beijing and Langfang, and has established a project anti-seismic disaster prevention laboratory, a building wind resistance and disaster prevention laboratory, a building fire performance laboratory, a city disaster prevention and mitigation laboratory and a large machinery production R&D base in Langfang, and is building a national key laboratory of the Building Safety and Environmental Laboratory in Beijing R & D base.

CABR has completed a total of 2684 scientific research achievements and the 615 sets of codes and standards, of which 93 won the national awards and 441 won the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, with 212 patents. Furthermore, it has sponsored the "Building Science", " Construction Quality", "Construction Machinery", "Construction Mechanization", "China Elevator" and " Earthquake Resistant Engineering ", co-sponsored "Journal of Building Structures", "China Civil Engineering Journal", and other professional journals, and made due contributions to the scientific and technological progress in the construction cause.

At present, CABR has one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two national design masters, eighty experts who have been approved by the State Council to enjoy special government allowances, nine experts with outstanding contributions at the national level and four experts selected for Talents Project at the national level. CABR has the two accredited doctoral degree programs and four accredited master's degree programs, and has also a post-doctoral research station. It has 21 doctoral tutors and 75 master tutors who have cultivated a total of 256 graduates with a doctor’s degree and a master’s degree.

After it’s transformed to be a science and technology enterprise, CABR is positively market-oriented, puts science and technology as the support, increases innovation efforts, constantly develops new technologies and new products, gives full play to the comprehensive advantages, and forms the diversified development pattern with a combination of scientific research and development, science and technology services, comprehensive design, planning, investigation, construction project quality and product testing, high-tech and product R&D and production, and project contracting.

CABR adheres to the core values of "dedication to society, the pursuit of a leading role, improvement of quality, and harmonious development," and upholds the development tenet of "integrity, collaboration, innovation and efficiency". Furthermore, it continuously improves the core competitiveness, enhances the position and role in the industry, and strives to become a leader in China’s construction science & technology development.

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